This series of tutorials will show you how to make the Fronter Learning Platform work for you. We will update these regularly so do check back often.


Please leave comments about our tutorials here.

Part 1: Create a Welcome Page

This tutorial will show you how simple it is to use Fronter. The first step is to create a Front Page which can link to other Front Pages and this tutorial will show you how images and internal links can achieve that.


Part 2 :Upload resources

This tutorial will show you the ease which resources such as movies, documents and presentations can be addded to your Learning Platform.

Part 3 :Embed videos and learning games into Fronter VLE

This tutorial will demonstrate how to embed videos from as well as learning games from other websites e.g. For more tutorials please visit

Part 4: Link to resources from a Front Page

Part 5 :Use the power of Student Voice!

Fronter is an ideal solution to gather students’ opinions quickly and effectively. Watch this tutorial to find out how you can do that too.

Part 6:Get students communicating with fronter

There are many different ways in which you can encourage discussion with student and Fronter has a few ‘gems’ which will ensure students interact with both you and their peers.

Part 6: Set Coursework deadlines with Fronter a few simple steps. No more worries about misplacing script (though we’re sure that woud never happen!).

Part 7: Using the power of Asssessment for Learning with the Fronter Learning Platform

Part 8: Create an online SCORM compliant course for your learning Platform

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