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The science of SEO has been greatly exaggerated. There was a time when a normal blogger did not pay much attention to this apparently high tech internet tool because it seemed a little too much to work with. However today it is just a matter of few small steps and when it comes to Scribe SEO, you won`t find it any more complex than a few clicks. Scribe SEO is an excellent software service for anyone who runs their own blog, work as a freelance web writer, owns a website or have anything to do with online marketing. It also provides a WordPress plugin that helps you analyze your online content, guides you through your shortcomings and helps you upgrade online posts ensuring more search engine traffic.


Scribe SEO has been designed to be simple. Once you have installed this plugin you are good to go. If you wish to evaluate any post, just hit the “Analyze” button and you get a SEO Score Card which presents an overview of your written content by highlighting the areas that can be improved to upgrade the overall quality of your post by making it more engaging for readers. However it is to be kept in mind that what Scribe SEO provides is just a guideline, nothing is absolute. You call the shots. While analyzing your post, Scribe SEO considers the following factors:

• Character and word count of the title
• Title keyword usage and placement
• Character and word count of the description
• Description keyword usage and placement
• Character and word count of the body
• Body keyword usage and placement
• Keyword density
• Hyperlink count and prominence
• Reading ease

Scribe SEO also provides keyword analysis so for example if you’re writing about QR Codes, because at the end of the day what matters is that people find you on the web and a map to that is using the right keywords. It is always tricky to figure out what keywords others might use. This is where Scribe SEO keyword analysis comes in handy. It takes your content as a test subject, finds out the keywords you are using and helps you see which words can get you ranked so that you can make your decision with ease. It also suggests terms, from your posts, that can be used as tags, which further helps you in getting more traffic flow.


Scribe SEO works for everyone; from a casual blogger to a website owner. Internet has become a black hole, you may get lost if you do not how to find out the stuff you are looking for. Same goes for website owners; it is very important to reach out to the targeted audience and with ease. People should be able to locate you to get your business going. Scribe SEO does that for you; it saves your time, brings you more traffic and gives you a complete guide line to help you look your best on the web!

How to Use Dynamic QR-Codes to Enrich People’s Experiences

QR codes were first invented in 1994 by Denso-Wave to enable faster decoding than the standard barcode; therefore its full title, “quick response” code. Using your mobile phone and a free QR-Code Reader, you scan the codes to learn about services and products. Recently, many businesses have commenced using the technology as it supports their consumers a direct interaction with whatever they scan. As QR-Codes are becoming more popular, you may wish to craft your own code for business use.

Step 1

Choose what you wish to link to your QR-Codes and why. So, you may wish to drive customers to your eshop or potential buyers to a precise product such as a new property. Most online QR code generators allow you to produce a number of content, including a URL, promotional text, Youtube video, phone number or audio file. There are many different tools to help you create customized qr-codes for your business (see for more details).

Step 2

Visit SQUARE:CODE for suggestions about good free QR COde Generators. You will create a code that, when read, will give your customers with a promotional message, like a voucher code in your business or eshop.

Step 3

Add your message in the text box. For example: Congratulations! If you show this message and voucher code to one of our assistants, you will be given (X percent off new range of products).” Click “Generate.” Right-click and choose “Save Target As” to save the code to your local machine.

Step 4

Add the code you created on your marketing material, business card, T-shirt or on your website or shop window for customers to scan. If you want to scan the code to test the result, just download and install a QR-code scanner app on your mobile. Launch the application and scan the code to view the result on your phone.

Step 5

Download a QR code reader so that you can see the content of your QR-Code. There are many free readers are available. Try a couple of them to determine which one works best for you.

The reason more business are starting to utilize this cutting-edge technology is because it enables a company to link their products with the virtual world where they can provide their customers with new information, discounts, helpful guides or demonstrations. QR-Codes can help your business bridge the gap between your brand and content stored online that will enrich the users or consumer’s experience. Find out more about how your businesses can control these codes today by visiting

Why Have QR Codes Become a Leading Marketing Tool?

There is a demand for corporations to become more interesting.QR Codes can aid your enterprise by supplying a channel between a production and amazing information saved online. This is the time for interactive QR Code marketing.

Provide Clients Targeted Purposeful Information

In this day and age of information overload, consumers are dealing with spam emails and futile newsletters that are only broadcasted by responders for achieving traffic to reliable web sites. But consumers are increasingly hauled to compact, deliberate information that is commercially effective and the correspondence between mobile phone technology and QR Codes is undeniable. QR Codes can streamline data and be easily browsed by QR Code Readers on your smart phone. Their ability in speeding up establishment ways like sign ups, encounters, introducing of new products as well as apprehending and scanning have also been noticed. Rather than pulling up an entire frame of files, just scan the Code and read the recap. It has been acknowledged that enterprises trend to operate Codes for direct links to various webpages. There is need to be more partake and attain consumers to a landing page which is interactive and significant rather than a leap to chasm.

Striking and Excellent QR Code Marketing

The technology is visually enticing, like crossword or jigsaw puzzles. Calvin Kline practiced Codes to accompany buyers to an alluring 40 second commercial. The Tokyo N building has a huge Code on its veil, 02 has used them effectively as well. QR Codes are also operate for art work and enforced on T-shirts, mugs, badges, brochures and billboards.

These interactive Codes are economical tools for marketing campaigns because of their capability to bring massive chunks of data across to users. They transport more returns when used on publicity materials and their artistic claim lends itself to raising contract and organizing a relationship with consumers. This can help to create more traffic to establishment web sites, favouring users to browse products creating more promotion revenue. Since they are available without license fee and are ISO standardized, they are cost efficient and have become belnded in the public mind with pleasing offers, coupons, unique advertisements as well as corporations that are at the lead of cutting-edge technology.

If you are organizing your next marketing campaign or how to best bewitch customers to your shop, recognize using Dynamic QR Codes, appraise the impact using an online manner which can assist command and guide consumers’exposure of your appealing products. You will not be failed.

SQUARE:CODE gives you the possibility to change what consumers see regularly without having to change the QR Code via our scheduling tool. This means you can provide them with fresh new content daily to ensure they engage with your products often. See SQUARE:CODE QR Codes You Control for more details.