Keeping students on task is a major issue for any teacher, but it should come as no surprise that behaviour is often connected to enjoyment and interest. Teachers are not entertainers, but if they want to have smooth lessons and co-operative students, then engagement should be at the top of their agenda. Technology can assist greatly in the delivery of any content. The following files which are ready for you to download have been designed to stimulate interest, challenge the learner and enable teachers to produce quick activities effortlessly. There are other files that go with Innovate with ICT on this page.

We hope you find them useful!

Johannes Ahrenfelt & Neal Watkin


PMI Grid

Mystery Template

Concept Map Template

Bloom’s Question Circle

Burger Diagram (Flash)

Fishbone Diagram (Flash)

Matrix Diagram (Flash)

Diamond 9 (Flash)

Double Bubble Diagram (Flash)

MFL Mystery (Flash – based on the brilliant book Thinking Through MFL by D. Leat)

MFL Drag & Drop (Flash)

MFL Drag & Drop Verb (Flash)

History – Was the NEP a success? (Flash)

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