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How to Build an Audience for Your Blog using QR-Codes

QR-Codes marketing is relatively new, but the Codes themselves originated in Japan but became popular all over the globe due to the amazing things people could do with them. These codes can contain simple text, URLs such as link to your Facebook pages and Flickr photo stream and contact information. They can used to provide quick information to online resources while displaying them on printed material. Bloggers and webmasters can even use them to build an audience for their blog and website as this post will demonstrate.

If you own a blog and you are searching for new and innovative ways to build an audience, you should use QR-Code marketing to enhance it further. These codes can help you bring people to your website just as other marketing techniques do. When QR-Codes are used alongside effective SEO and Social Media, they can work as a catalyst!

You can add the QR-code, which contain a link to your Facebook pages or Twitter account, on your offline ads. Your potential audience will scan these codes using their Smart phones to reach your pages quickly.

You can also add flair to your SEO campaign by using QR Code marketing and encoding links within them. Although search engine crawlers, with the exception of Google, do not read these links now, it is not going to take long before they start doing that as well. For now, you will be telling the search engines that a new image has been added to your blog or website. Google already recognizes these codes. Other search engines will soon recognize these codes and start indexing them accordingly.

You can use QR Code marketing to provide event, competition or contact details. You can also encode a link to Youtube videos. You can use them in hundreds of ways on your pages. All you got to do is to think of innovative ways to engage your visitors using these codes.

In order to create a QR code, you only have to point your browser to any free code generator website. You will not even have to download anything. You will find a text box where you will input the text and will get your QR-Code image instantly. Most of the web applications serving the purpose of generating the QR Codes are easy and simple to use.

How Can QR Codes and Social Media Help My Business?

QR-Codes are two-dimensional images that are designed in a specific way using digital technology. These codes can contain information such as URLs, contact information (like vCards), automatic Tweets, and other information that the creator of the code intended to produce. These codes are designed in a special way using QR-Code generators. Once you have had one created it’s time to focus your attention on QR Code marketing.

This technology can help your business achieve increased growth and momentum. If you can find innovative ways of using these codes, you will not only be creating interest but will also be marketing your business at the same time. You can use Social Media and QR Codes together to get most out of both. For example, create codes that will take potential clients to your Facebook page. People using their camera phone to scan these codes will be directed to your Facebook pages so an ideal way of spreading content could be to print QR-Codes on T-shirts, stickers, business cards, badges and posters that have these codes printed on them. You can distribute this material at conferences to encourage conference delegates to visit your fan pages or add a QR-Code in company newsletters, shop windows and so on.

You can also direct people to other Social Media networks such as Twitter, Ecademy and Delicious. If you can spread material containing your QR-codes, you will actually be helping your Social Media Campaign. You would already know that successful social media campaigns could change your fortunes. The Codes can turn your dull social media campaign into an interesting and eventually successful social media campaign.

When you are promoting your products offline, you can include Codes on the printed material. This will allow the audiences to scan the image using their mobile phone and directly populate their shopping cart for that particular product. They will not even have to enter URL and then go to the cart. Because the QR-codes can contain URLs, you can easily tweak them to point to the particular item in your shopping cart. This way, you will be giving Quick Response to the people making decision to buy a certain product after seeing its printed advertisement. You will not give any time to the potential customer to change mind and therefore, you will increase your sales.