The science of SEO has been greatly exaggerated. There was a time when a normal blogger did not pay much attention to this apparently high tech internet tool because it seemed a little too much to work with. However today it is just a matter of few small steps and when it comes to Scribe SEO, you won`t find it any more complex than a few clicks. Scribe SEO is an excellent software service for anyone who runs their own blog, work as a freelance web writer, owns a website or have anything to do with online marketing. It also provides a WordPress plugin that helps you analyze your online content, guides you through your shortcomings and helps you upgrade online posts ensuring more search engine traffic.


Scribe SEO has been designed to be simple. Once you have installed this plugin you are good to go. If you wish to evaluate any post, just hit the “Analyze” button and you get a SEO Score Card which presents an overview of your written content by highlighting the areas that can be improved to upgrade the overall quality of your post by making it more engaging for readers. However it is to be kept in mind that what Scribe SEO provides is just a guideline, nothing is absolute. You call the shots. While analyzing your post, Scribe SEO considers the following factors:

• Character and word count of the title
• Title keyword usage and placement
• Character and word count of the description
• Description keyword usage and placement
• Character and word count of the body
• Body keyword usage and placement
• Keyword density
• Hyperlink count and prominence
• Reading ease

Scribe SEO also provides keyword analysis so for example if you’re writing about QR Codes, because at the end of the day what matters is that people find you on the web and a map to that is using the right keywords. It is always tricky to figure out what keywords others might use. This is where Scribe SEO keyword analysis comes in handy. It takes your content as a test subject, finds out the keywords you are using and helps you see which words can get you ranked so that you can make your decision with ease. It also suggests terms, from your posts, that can be used as tags, which further helps you in getting more traffic flow.


Scribe SEO works for everyone; from a casual blogger to a website owner. Internet has become a black hole, you may get lost if you do not how to find out the stuff you are looking for. Same goes for website owners; it is very important to reach out to the targeted audience and with ease. People should be able to locate you to get your business going. Scribe SEO does that for you; it saves your time, brings you more traffic and gives you a complete guide line to help you look your best on the web!

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