mind-map, teaching thinking-skills, ICT, engage studentsKeeping students on task is a major issue for any teacher, but it should come as no surprise that behaviour is often connected to enjoyment and interest. Teachers are not entertainers, but if they want to have smooth lessons and co-operative students, then engagement should be at the top of their agenda. Technology can assist greatly in the delivery of any content. The following files which are ready for you to download have been designed to stimulate interest, challenge the learner and enable teachers to produce quick activities effortlessly. There are other files that go with Innovate with ICT on this page.

We hope you find them useful!

Johannes Ahrenfelt & Neal Watkin

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PMI Grid

Mystery Template

Concept Map Template

Bloom's Question Circle

Burger Diagram (Flash)

Fishbone Diagram (Flash)

Matrix Diagram (Flash)

Diamond 9 (Flash)

Double Bubble Diagram (Flash)

ready-made flash components, drag and drop into sitesFlashloaded.com offers brilliant components which you can add to your website. We particulalry like their menus and interactive video tool. This website can really make your own sites come alive without spending too much.


MFL Mystery (Flash - based on the brilliant book Thinking Through MFL by D. Leat)

MFL Drag & Drop (Flash)

MFL Drag & Drop Verb (Flash)

History - Was the NEP a success? (Flash)

Ready=made templates - websites, cool Blogs and Wordpress themes

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Exam Class Toolkit - how to create engaging lessons that ensure progression and results

create lessons that stick, stick adobe, Blogging, Wiki, mind-map,thinking skills, cocnrete ideas, exam resultsExam Class ToolkitThe key philosophy within this book is to show how exam preparation should not destroy good learning and teaching. There are too many cliches and misunderstandings surrounding the teaching of exam groups and if education is to be improved (as per recent government initiatives) then we need to tackle these head on. The book also demonstrate how innovative and exciting lessons are more essential when working with exam groups than at any other time.

Chris Abani: GraceLand

Chris Abani: GraceLand

Abaniís best-selling 2004 novel GraceLand is a searing and funny tale of a young Nigerian boy, an Elvis impersonator who moves through the wide, wild world of Lagos, slipping between pop and traditional cultures, art and crime. Itís a perennial book-club pick, a story that brings the postcolonial African experience to vivid life. I love Abaniís writing, itís honest, funny and imaginative as is he. If you have a spare 17 minutes do visit Talks: must watch section and listen to Chris Abaniís talk of African stories: complex, moving, funny and conscious.